The International Forensic Strategic Alliance (IFSA) has developed these documents to be minimum requirements which will enable emerging forensic providers in developing countries to produce scientific services to the Criminal Justice System. The purpose of these documents are to establish a baseline or starting point that must be followed in order to achieve reliable results. Forensic providers should build on this foundation and strive to continually improve the quality of services provided. These documents describe the minimum requirements for various forensic disciplines. They address the following framework:

  1. Competence of Personnel.
  2. Equipment and Consumables.
  3. Collection, Analysis, Interpretation, Reporting.
  4. Procedures, Protocols, Validation.
  5. Quality Management.

DISCLAIMER: IFSA Minimum Requirement Documents are available in English. Translations to other official Interpol languages are available for some of the documents. In case of divergence between the language versions, the English version shall prevail. IFSA invites its international partners to offer new translations of the documents