IFSA is composed of 6 distinct regional networks of forensic science professionals.


IFSA brings together a diverse range of countries and jurisdictions with different service models but similar challenges.


IFSA combines the expertise of a vast array of global forensic organisations.

Strategic Partners

IFSA works with 3 aligned organisations to collaborate and achieve common goals.


The autonomous networks that form IFSA represent forensic science management for their specific regions. They have similar roles, functions and objectives and recognise the value to be gained through long-term collaboration and co-operation on strategic issues related to the management and promotion of the forensic sciences.

IFSA is maturing as a global organisation and has identified key strategic priorities. These include a tiered approach to the development of minimum requirements documents for a range of forensic science disciplines for developing countries and a focus on emerging technologies, forensic science service models and tracking of key research and development activities within the networks.

How do we operate?

In pursuing its goals and objectives, IFSA recognises the sovereignty of each of the participating networks.

The Presidents/Chairs of the networks (or their nominated representatives) will meet at least annually and on other occasions as opportunities arise.

The Goals and Objectives and rolling agenda issues will be reviewed annually as will progress against annual targets.

Each network will make arrangements to ensure that within IFSA there is continuity and maintenance of corporate knowledge.

There is a realisation that success for IFSA will be gained initially by realistic expectations of what can be achieved. To this end IFSA, through the heads of each organisation will set annual targets that:

  • are achievable
  • strengthen the partnership
  • conform with the Goals and Objectives

Terms of Reference

IFSA organisational Terms of Reference can be found HERE

Multilateral Partnership Agreement

The IFSA Multilateral Partnership Agreement can be found HERE

How we began

A bilateral agreement between ASCLD and SMANZFL/NIFS was formalized when a letter of understanding (LOU), creating the International Forensic Strategic Alliance (IFSA), was first signed in November 2004. In 2007, at the Interpol International Forensic Science Symposium, a new LOU was signed expanding IFSA to four networks to include: ASCLD, SMANZFL, ENFSI and AICEF. IFSA was expanded again at the International Forensic Science Symposium hosted by Interpol in Lyon, France, in 2010, when the ASFN joined the other networks. Most recently in 2012, this LOU was expanded to include SARFS.

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